The job interview

Here you can find information about what we expect of you and tips about how you can prepare for the interview.




Frequently asked questions and answers

A list of questions that are frequently asked by job applicants and the corresponding answers.




CV and cover letter

Here you can find tips on how to design your CV and cover letter, and hints regarding what you should focus on.




A target-oriented process

If you apply for a job with Alpiq online, you will go through the following steps. We hope that you will complete this process and that we will be able to welcome you as a new colleague.

  • After you have submitted your on-line job application, it will be reviewed in detail. 
  • An appointment for the first interview will be made with candidates who are shortlisted. The maximum period before the interview is held is 4 weeks. 
  • An assessment of the first interview then follows and an appointment for a second interview will be made with candidates who make the resulting shortlist. Here, the maximum period is 3 weeks.
  • Within a maximum period of 1 week, the final decision regarding your employment with us will be taken, and you will receive a contract offer.

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