Our benefits in Switzerland - Choose a fair employer

Attractive terms of employment are an integral part of a good job. For us, a market-oriented salary with performance-based components is a matter of course. In addition, we offer flexible working models, excellent social benefits, further training opportunities and special financial benefits.

Paid vacation in Switzerland:

  • 25 days vacation for employees below the age of 50
  • 30 days vacation for employees below the age of 20 and above the age of 50
  • 5 additional days vacation for executive staff
  • Friday after Ascension day and Corpus Christi
  • Paid holidays between Christmas and New Year

Special financial benefits in Switzerland:

  • Attractive monthly salary 13 x per year
  • CHF 900.- yearly family allowance
  • CHF 1'000.- marriage allowance
  • CHF 2'500.- 5 years of service gift
  • CHF 5'000.- years of service gift for every additional 5 years
  • Award-Premium for exceptional performance

Insurance in Switzerland:

  • 720 days continued payment of salary to 100% as of the first day of impairment in the case of accident or illness
  • 14 weeks continued payment of salary to 100% for Maternity leave following the child's first day of birth
  • 10 days paternity leave with 100% continued payment
  • Life insurance covering an annual salary
  • Private accident coverage (worldwide)
  • Pension fund contributions (2/3 employer, 1/3 employee)

Additional benefits in Switzerland:

  • Opportunity to buy or sell 5 holiday days
  • Private use of a business mobile phone in line with the services included in the base price for the plan
  • Headquarters located centrally and within walking distance of the train station, free parking depending on location
  • Free beverages and fresh fruits
  • Various work models, including Home-office where applicable (max. 2 weekdays)
  • Various employee discounts in the leisure area
  • Exciting training and career opportunities


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